A fundamental aspect of working together as a team is developing a team spirit. This is best achieved through participation in activities that involve the entire group in one of two basic formats: common experiences or problem solving.

Common experiences involve the entire group undertaking an activity together. These activities act as icebreakers between participants and provide a common experience reference point. We offer a variety of activities depending on the time available:

* Excursion to the remains of a mountaintop Moorish Castle. Free.

* Excursion to Ses Avencs, a series of impressive crevasses. Free.

* Circular walk with spectacular views of the area. Free.

* Hike up to the highest peak in the locality, 1000m Sierra del Carrascal. Free.

* Rock climbing, absailing, potholing or canyoning. Prices on application.

Problem solving activities involve a greater degree of collaboration and coordination between the group. These activities are frequently used by large companies to improve teamwork within and between departments. Our problem solving activities have a local flavour:

*  Magellan's Trail. Navigate your own way home with maps
and route notes through gorges and over moorland through
some of the most outstanding scenery in southern Spain.
Price on application.

* The Sultan's Treasure. For over a thousand years the Moors
ruled this part of Spain until they were forcibly expelled in
1602 leaving behind their hidden valuables. Hunt for their
treasure using maps and clues. Price on application.

* Spanish Safari. This area is one of Europ'es biological
hotspots with over 3000 species of plants. This activity
involves identifying as many different species of plants
and insect as possible and bringing a sample home.
Price on application.

* Flat Mountain. The ancient craft of terracing steep
mountains with dry stone walls has been practised for
thousands of years, you have just a few hours to identify
the basic principles and make a drystone wall that will
last for centuries. Price on application.

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